Being a jewel designer, that is what I wanted to do ever since I was a little kid.

Jewelry makes its wearer radiate and shine, as well on the outside as on the inside. Every one of my jewels, whether it is specifically designed for one single person/occasion or not, must respond to those criteria.

My collection consists of two major lines: "Organic" and "Pure."
"Organic" is mainly inspired by natural elements, while "Pure" is rather based on geometrical shapes. The mainstream throughout the entire collection is the repetitive pattern which you will find in all my creations. Hence every jewel expresses ease and sobriety.

My passion for designing jewelry is reinforced by my Master degree Jewel Designer and Gold- / Silver Smith. In consequence, all my creations carry their Content Stamp as well as my master stamp, according to the official legislation.

Mélissa Königs